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Oatmeal is one of the dishes that form the basis of a healthy diet. It has a unique composition, saturates the body with useful substances, increases vitality and prevents various diseases. Oatmeal can be eaten not only for breakfast but at other times as well. In the absence of contraindications it will bring inestimable health benefits. Oatmeal contains all the necessary elements for the body, including fiber, protein compounds, fat and organic acids, carbohydrates. It includes vitamins B, K, E and A, iodine, calcium, phosphorus, calcium, manganese, sulfur and other trace elements.

Composition Oat flakes not requiring cooking - 77.92%, raisins: (dried grapes) - 9.09%, dried apricots: (dried apricots) - 5.19%, candied pineapple: (pineapple pulp, sugar) - 2.6%, dried prunes (dried plums) - 2.6%, natural prebiotic - 2.6%

Oatmeal «fruit platter»

Packaging: 300 gm.


Composition Oat flakes do not require cooking - 81.52%, candied pineapple: (pineapple pulp, sugar) - 13.59%, candied strawberries: (strawberry pulp, sugar) - 2.72%, prebiotic natural - 2.17%

Oatmeal «with strawberry»

Packaging: 300 gm.


Composition Non-cooking oat flakes 77.92%, raisins: (dried grapes) - 7.79%, candied kumquat (kumquat pulp, sugar) - 5.19%, candied pineapple: (pineapple pulp, sugar) - 3.9%, candied kiwi: (kiwi pulp, sugar) - 2.6%, natural prebiotic - 2.6%

Oatmeal «exotic fruits»

Packaging: 300 gm.


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  • - Refined taste

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